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Repair and regenerative Balm Scentseas with Immortelle of Corsica

 Repair and regenerative balm 
Repair and regenerative balm
Anti-aging skin care products for younger-looking skin and Beauty from Corsica

This anti-aging skin care is one of the best beauty Repairing and regenerative balm made with organic Immortelle essential oil.
The Scentseas balm is enriched with natural tensor, moisturizing, nourishing and decongestant ingredients.
• dark circles, puffiness, facial signs of fatigue are dimmed for optimal tolerance of the contour of the eye.  Help to regenerate and heal damaged hands and body parts.
 • The application of our regenerating and rejuvenating balm will have on your skin exceptional anti-wrinkle effect. The Immortelle is good to improve your acne and may reduce rosacea.
This  balm contains 100% active ingredients; it is a real beauty elixir to apply preferably in the evening on the face and after showering or bathing on the body, on a damp skin. It contains no preservatives or colouring. 
Your skin will be really transformed.

Brand : scentseas
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