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Corsican Essential Oils Biological Agriculture - Aromathérapie in CORSICA
Perfumes and scents of Corsica - Cosmetics and Beauty products of Corsica - Care of the body - Essential Oils of massage
Beauty Oils made with Corsican plants - CORSICAN Products Protection of our Corsica nature and our Planet

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Silky regenerating cream with Corsican Immortelle

 Silky regenerating cream
with Corsican Immortelle  
Silky regenerating cream 
with Corsican Immortelle
Pot 30ml
Silky regenerating cream 
with Corsican Immortelle
- wrinkle concealer
- activates the microcirculation
- nourishing and regenerative
- leaves no greasy film
- healing and soothing
     Apply a thin layer on the face and the eye area.
Your skin will be truly transformed

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Brand : scentseas
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