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Cistus ladanifère "Cistus ladaniferus" Organic essential oil - Corsica -

 Ciste ladanifère organic essential oil  
Ciste ladanifère organic essential oil

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"Cistus ladaniferus"

Cistus ladaniferus is a shrub of the family Cistaceae. It likes acid land and raise their grain dormancy after passing the fire. The flowers last only a few hours. This aroma was unknown to the Egyptians and Greeks called Ladanas, Ladanon (gum which is present essential oil). It is part of sacred aromas as well as incense, cedar, myrrh and benzoin. The cist was used in holy anointing among the kings of Israel and brought them the determination and will.

This is one of the rarest essential oils produced in Corsica, its wooded and residual odor and its therapeutic qualities make outstanding essential oil of superior quality.

Active ingredients:

- monoterpenes: 40%; alpha pinene, beta pinene ...
- Monoterpenols: 20%; linalool, borneol
- Ketones: 10%; alpha thujone
- aldehydes: citral, neral, geranial
- Oxides: 1,8 cineole, rose oxide


- powerful anti-haemorrhagic, healing, anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, neurotonic, antiartérique.


- in case of bleeding in cuts, cistus ladanifère can avoid stitches (tightens the skin), nose bleeds

- cosmetology: for its astringent effect, cistus ladanifère is often used in anti-wrinkle preparations . Skin aging, scars.

- circulation: hemorrhoids externally or suppo

- Dermatology: bedsore

- childhood diseases: coqeluche, chickenpox

- autoimmune diseases: multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis

- perfumery: used as a perfume fixative

- lower immune


- viral and immune diseases: 2-3 drops diluted in vegetable oil to rub on the spine.

- Cuts and wounds: apply the essential oil of Cistus pure on wounds

- Cosmetology: 2 drops of Cistus in a day or night cream to prevent wrinkles.


- Green Myrtle, Italian Helichrysum: skin astringent, anti-wrinkle

- Italian Helichrysum: bruises, wounds

- Niaouli: anti-viral

Disadvised the first 3 months of pregnancy