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Witch Hazel floral water

 Floral Water Witch Hazel 
Floral Water Witch Hazel


100% PURE AND NATURAL this aromatic water from the distillation plant.

The Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), near the hazel shrub, specifically distilled to its Hydrolat.

This is a real care of water on irritated or fragile skin.

It is astringent and soothing, use:

Irritations or rashes; acne, heat rash, sun allergy, sunburn, razor burn ...

It can be used as aftershave, without any adjuvant.

WATER OF HAMAMELIS suitable for all skin types, oily skin especially appreciate.


* After shaving: to calm the skin

* Acne: treat morning and evening for 3 weeks, then take a break of one week. Repeat if necessary.

Pimples, rashes, sun allergies, sunburn: Direct misting on the facial skin or body or on a soaked cotton.

Spray 100ml glass bottle

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