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Micellar Bio

 Micellar water Organic with Immortelle de Corse 
Micellar water Organic with Immortelle de Corse

Micellar waters are magical waters that our face rid of all impurities in one step
Active Ingredients: - Helichrysum Extract: anti-aging
- Red Vine extract clarifies and unifies the complexion with anti-radical action and stabilizing collagen, the combination of these two active leads to a protection of the skin against aging.
- Mallow extract: decongests and reduces redness
In daily care, the micellar water organic removes the entire face, eyes, lips and neck, effective even on the stubborn makeup, uses very mild surfactants, removes impurities and toxins.Its active combination of 6 floral waters - Immortelle, Rose, Blueberry, Red Vine, Purple and Lemon suitable for the most sensitive skin, thanks to its soothing, decongestant and moisturizing (the upper layers of the epidermis) of application: apply water micellar morning and evening using a cotton pad on your face, lips and neck. Do not rinse. Complete the night repair treatment.

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