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Elixir Immortelle Corse bio
anti-aging serum

Brand : scentseas
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Elixir Immortelle Corse bio
Reactivate collagen production
Natural true anti-aging serum, face and eye contour
The Beauty Made in Corsica -
  • - smoothes intensely fine lines and wrinkles
  • - regenerates and restructure the skin 
  • - firms, rejuvenates, carefully restructures, nourishes
  • - exceptional efficiency on fine lines around the eyes, heals, penetrates instantly, helps reducing bruises, bumps
  • - may help in soothing symptoms due to dermatosis, naturally protects from the sun with an indice of 5.
  • - help soothing burns, acne, redness and irritation,
  • - excellent on any type of skin, excellent after shave, eye makeup remover
Flacon 50ml
  • Elixirs visage Elixir anti-âge
  • Soin Visage anti-âge, crème jour et nuit
  • Soin des Yeux Contour des yeux
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