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The product found in : Natural care Corsica Balm by Solyvia

Corsica Balm by Solyvia, Corsica version of the famous Baume Asian Bio

Brand : solyvia
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CORSICA BALM - Solyvia - BIO - 15 grams -

The Corsica Balm Solyvia is on shots, blue, muscles, headaches, insect bites.

Corsica Balm contains active Corsica and elsewhere, rare and powerful, it is a natural organic lip balm and very easy to use, to be used only for external application.

- It relieves muscle pain and back pain.
- It soothes insect bites.
- It allows better breathing during cough or cold (pursuant to the solar plexus)
- It soothes inflammation of the tendons and joints.
- It relieves headaches (in accordance to the temples and forehead).
- It helps to warm up the muscles before training.

- Candelilla wax
- Beeswax
- Lavender Officinale
- Cloves
- Eucalyptus globulus
- Camphor
- Peppermint
- Immortal (helichrysum)

Application of Corsica Balm:
- The effectiveness of Corsica Balm essentially lies in how to apply it. Do not try to rub balm or massaging the area as with a traditional oil or ointment.
We need to heat rub the balm!
- Take one of balm and quickly rub the affected area.
- As soon as you feel the heat, stop friction, Corsica Balm will do the rest ...

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