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Aleppo Soap for normal skin

 Aleppo Bread based on olive and laurel oils 
Aleppo Bread based on olive and laurel oils


Normal skin soap - Aleppo bread -


Aleppo Tadé Bread, 99.9% of natural origin, real Aleppo soap, pure vegetable, based on olive and laurel oils, saponified in cauldron discontinuously, followed by 9 months of drying outdoors.

It is the authentic hammam soap, tolerated by all skin types.

Pure olive and laurel, it is full of active ingredients and antioxidants.

Care soap, body and face.

Composed of two noble ingredients:

  • olive oil and bay laurel oil, this soap, rich in bay laurel oil, is particularly recommended by dermatologists for people with skin problems: acne, scars, eczema...
  • Excellent for sensitive to reactive skin.
  • Olive oil softens and nourishes the skin, while bay laurel oil restores the skin's protective film.

Brand : Tadé
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