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Anti-aging Beauty face cream with Immortelle of Corsica

 Face cream with immortelle made in Corsica 

Protector facial cream - Anti-aging - At immortelle essential oil Corsica

Made by Corsica Essences, Maquis Flowers

This cream Anti-aging day and night is a concentrate of essential oils from organic agriculture Corsica.
Navy Christe (chrithmum maritimum) is a perennial herb that grows on rocks of the sea. It is resistant to storms and salt spray and is one of the few plants able to flower in summer. It has anti-cellulite properties, detoxifying, firming and regenerating.
Immortelle essential oil is a powerful soothing agent and regulator of cutaneous microcirculation. It stimulates the regeneration and skin repair, and helps fight against the signs of aging.
Also contains Enoxolone (licorice extract), bisabolol (olive extract), shea butter.
Use your day cream and night on clean, dry skin.
One application in the morning after cleansing and application evening after cleansing.
Apply to face a dab with fingertips avoiding the eye area.
For better efficiency of essential oils, massage slightly until complete absorption of the emulsion.
This cream is an excellent makeup base.
Eye contour: see the serum of the chestnut Kyrnella

Brand : Fleurs de Maquis
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