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Immortelle of Corsica Organic Essential Oil

 Immortelle de Corse - CORSE Organic Essential Oil Everlasting of Corsica 
Immortelle de Corse - CORSE Organic Essential Oil Everlasting of Corsica

Scents of Corsica

Immortelle oil Essential cultivated Biological Corsica and distilled Balagne Calenzana.

This Essential Oil is in a pretty bottle with a pipette.

5ml bottle

The essential oil of Italian Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) is also called Immortelle of Corsica. The essential oil of Italian Helichrysum is known athletes to help muscle recovery.



"Helichrysum italicum italicum ssp"

The Italian or Helichrysum Immortelle is a perennial plant of the family of "Made." Helichrysum comes from the Greek "Helios", the sun, and "" chrysos "gold because its flowers resemble small suns gold. It is present almost everywhere on the shores of the Mediterranean and Corsica, the seaside to inland. It is the latter which is used therapeutically for its very specific biochemical compounds. This essential oil can sometimes be traced back to the consciousness of old injuries.

Picking wild (Corsica) certified Ecocert SAS


- this is the essential oil (Immortal Corsica) the most powerful anti-hematoma currently known anti-coagulant, anti-phlebitis, mucolytic, antispasmodic, healing and désclérosante.


- Hematoma (very ancient), scars, phlebitis, edema, varicose veins, rosacea. It activates blood circulation and blood microcirculation.

- Anti-inflammatory , analgesic: phlebitis, arthritis, rheumatism (arthritis and arthritis), Dupuytren's disease, tooth extractions, burns, wounds and trauma.

- Mucolytic : sinusitis, bronchitis. Spasmolytic : cardiovascular spasms, coronary artery disease

- Sport : Muscle recovery , diluted in vegetable oil Arnica


Bruises : You can apply the essential oil directly on helichrysum hematoma (pure) or diluted with a ratio of 5 to 10% in vegetable oil or optimum effect prefer the use of oil solar Helichrysum.

Scars : Make a solar oil-based blend of Helichrysum (10 drops) and pure Helichrysum essential oil (3 drops) and then massage your scar palpating and rolling this one. Take care every day for a month.

Tooth extraction : make an immortal HE preparation (2 drops), Cistus ladanifère (1 drop), tea tree (3 drops) in sun oil St. John's Wort, and then this mixture is applied several times a day.

Cosmetics : the HE Immortelle has very interesting cosmetic properties. In fact, it increases dramatically the production of collagen. By night cream, 10 drops of argan oil to 2 drops of Everlasting HE will have on your skin exceptional anti-wrinkle effect. In addition to this care, use the immortal hydrolate in cleansing lotion.

The ET Immortelle will benefit your acne problems and rosacea.
Nervous System : The Everlasting ET in massage on the solar plexus in the evening or during the day will bring relaxation and enjoyment. It has an anti-depressive effect.

Synergies: Immortelle essential oil +:

- Lavender officinale, Small grain bitter orange diluted in solar maceration Wort: rosacea, rosacea, spider veins, phlebitis.

Note: Do not use in pregnant or lactating women and children under 6 years. In children, the use of medicated water on bruises is best suited.

Brand : Senteurs de CORSE
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