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Exfoliating cream face with organic essential oil of Immortelle of Corsica

 Exfoliating face cream Immortelle de Corse
Exfoliating face cream Immortelle de Corse


Thanks to the micro-granules, its peeling effect is efficient and relaxing. The quality of the Immortelle allows a gentle action on the skin, while cleansing it deeply and having an efficient antioxidant outcome.

The skin gets a velvety shine and the complexion is clear and radiant.

Apply on the face, avoiding eye and lips area. Massage gently and remove residual product with a cotton pad. Rinse with cold water

May be used once a week as this is a non abrasive product. This face care is advised to reduce blotchiness, brown discoloration of aging as well as to prepare the lifting effect of the anti-ageing cream.

Brand : Kyrnella
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