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Exfoliating Nourishing by Scentseas

 Nourishing Exfoliating Sugar of South Seas
face, bust and body  
Nourishing Exfoliating Sugar of South Seas 
face, bust and body


Exfoliating Nourishing by Scentseas

face, bust and body

Made in Corsica

glowing skin, regenerated, purified

Formula sugar from the South Seas

This exfoliating cream rich in moisturizing oils and sugar allows in one step to clean, erase and revitalize the face, neck, chest and body, gentle, nourishing and soothing (thanks to shea, coconut , castor and geranium).

The sugar and lemon are ideal to find a smooth skin and a glowing complexion.
Our treatment helps
to oxygenate the skin to better renew it and make it so much brighter. It improves the penetration depth, care since the protective layer will be less so thick waterproof least, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to make it more sweet.

- Apply light skin lies wet, exfoliate in circular motion and rinse thoroughly in warm water once a week
- helps cell renewal
and stimulates blood microcirculation.
- You can continue the session by applying the velvet mask.
- Then moisturize.
- Do not exfoliate when the skin is sensitive, irritated.

- sucrose, coconut nucifera oil, aqua, vegetal glycerin, Butyrospermum parkii, ricinus communis oil, beeswax, cetearyl alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate (emulsifying wax), citrus medica limonum oil, perlargonium gravolaens oil, tocopherol, fragrance, Geogard Ultra ( Conservative bio), benzoic alcohol, Linalool - Geraniol - Citronellol - Citral - Limonene    

pot 100ml

Brand : scentseas
Price :    30.00 € VAT Incl.
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