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Fluid Conditioner Distinguée Intimù Corsica

 Distingué fluid conditioner face care 
Distingué fluid conditioner face care

A new formula that enhances the revitalizing and protective action Distinguished!

Your conditioner fluid also offers a new label to better navigate in your bathroom.

♥ Winter, for a skin well protected from the cold, wind and dehydration, I apply my oil-fluid over my serum.

provides good looks and glow to your skin dull, tired and devitalized.
Improves the quality of young skin mature, sensitive, fine, mixed type very dry .

Intimu winner mark of the Slow - cosmetic.

Distinguished , the conditioner fluid good looks that brings sparkle and vitamins to your skin dehydrated, dull and tired . It protects from dehydration without sticking and penetrating rapidly .

On a base of aloe vera gel BIO , its fluid and light texture is perfect for dehydrated, young people mature, sensitive, mixed type very dry .

Its new formula enriched with vegetable oil Rosehip BIO strengthens and revitalizes stunt Distinguished:

Vegetable oil Organic Rosehip is very valuable : Rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin K, A and E, it boasts excellent emollient, antioxidant and restorative.

Usage tips :

The evening :

  • Do not overload your skin, give her just a little help to regenerate!
  • On a clean and toned skin, apply 2 presses of your fluid conditioner on the tips of your fingers (also own).
  • Then apply with gentle gestures on your face and neck: From the center to the outside and from bottom to top.
  • Your skin is ready for a good night, without being overloaded.
  • Thus, in the morning, it will appear rested and healthy.

Morning: In the form of cure serum on your customized Intimu.

  • On your skin toned and nourished your serum, apply it as described above.
  • His immediate tightening effect gives your skin a smoothing nice.
  • Use it as a cure for one month when you feel that your skin is in demand or changes in season or in winter to protect your skin.
  • Do not overload yourself and find your own dosage: The tightening effect just before mentioned should not last.
  • Thus, the texture of your skin is soft and supple.

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