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Gentle Cleansing face care Milk of Realia

 Cleansing Milk clementine Realia 
Cleansing Milk clementine Realia


  • - A gently applying the cotton to cleanse face and eyes, even for makeup "water-proof".
  • - Olive and Clementine fine emulsion saves you the use of a tonic.
  • - A cleansing cream that protects your skin.
  • - Do not rinse because it is a cream, a care!

Counsel for Muriel:

  • Use morning and night to clean makeup even waterproof and dirt on a cotton or cloth.
  • You can clean the eyes, the formula does not itch, does not attack the fragile skin of the eyelids.
  • On the contrary, it protects!
  • Do not forget the neck, so much in need of sweetness.

If you're used to wash with water, here's how:

  • slip in your hand two pressures of my cleansing cream and rub vigorously as to soap your face.
  • Then rinse with water and pat gently.

If instead you never use water:

  • put pressure on cotton and gently at first pass around the eyes, eyelids and pat dry gently.
  • Finally, pass the cleansing cream on the whole face.
  • To make sure you have removed all the impurities, drop onto a clean cotton half cream pressure and touch the face.
  • Do not rinse, its creamy formula contains only mild ingredients that do not need to be rinsed.

So no tonic or water.

Ideal for sensitive skin.

Pump bottle of 120ml in vacuo air

Brand : REALIA
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