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Water of Youth mardys Corsica

 Youth Water Immortal, myrtle and lentisque pistachier 
Youth Water Immortal, myrtle and lentisque pistachier

This organic floral water is responsible for all the essential properties of the Immortal, Myrtle and Mastic from Corsica.

It is the synergy of these plants gives this fabulous floral water soothing, regenerative and anti-wrinkle. It provides comfort and well being. Soothes sensitive, dry or assaulted by the sun.

Use: Close your eyes, spray on your face, neck and sensitive areas as often as necessary. Leave on, do not wipe. Ideal before and after makeup to fix it and refresh but also as an after shave, it relieves beard lights and rosacea.

Ingredients: Water immortal flower, myrtle water and water Lentic Pistachio obtained by hydro distillation mountain spring water.

Capacity: 100ml glass with spray

Brand : Mardys Garden Corsica
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