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Floral Water and Hydrolats Bio

 Floral Waters and Hydrolats Bio Corsica 
Floral Waters and Hydrolats Bio Corsica


What is the difference between Hydrolat and floral water?


Both terms refer to the same product in general, but 'floral water' 'is a term reserved for principle hydrolats obtained from flowers as the name suggests.

Hydrolat is the byproduct of the distillation by stripping with steam from a plant. It is the aqueous phase collected at the exit of the still after settling.

Many quality criteria should be checked when buying a hydrosol because it is too common to find floral waters unclean, diluted, polluted ...

1. the concentration of active ingredients.

A quality medicated water is a concentrated medicated water. In principle, it is only extract the first 8 or 9 liters of distilled water, the following water being much less rich in volatile and active substances. Enjoy this concentration by the olfactory power of your hydrolate: the smell should be powerful.

2. Quality distillation of the water used and distilled plants.

Any water can be used to perform distillations, including polluted water with sulfate or other harmful residues, not to mention the pesticides that may be present on the plants, and that focus on output in the hydrosol.
It is therefore essential to choose certified organic floral waters.

3. freshness and purity.

Hydrosols are highly sensitive products to light, heat, and microbial pollution. The pure hydrosols, ie without any preservatives, can not keep a year by being stored in the refrigerator. It is therefore essential to buy them by knowing the date of obtaining and storage conditions up your purchase.

It is also essential to check that these hydrosols are pure and contain no preservatives.

Furthermore, medicated water must be micro-filtered and packaged in sterilized bottles to guarantee absolute purity.

The prices are very different depending mainly on the concentration and method of production. Thus the purchase price of a little hydrolate range from simple (for a non-concentrated medicated water, unfiltered conventional culture) to 10 times more expensive (for a hydrolate BIO, focused, pure and fresh).

This is actually water loaded with volatile plant active molecules.

They are one of the products of distillation.

Flowers, leaves, twigs of plants (as appropriate) freshly harvested or dried are placed in a large basket placed in the vessel of the still which is sealed.

Under the basket, the water is heated with steam to escape, must go through the basket of plants; steam carries with it the essential oils; it is condensed by passing through a coil that is bathed in a tub of ice water and fall in drops in essencier will collect the liquid.

Oil is lighter than water, it floats to the surface.

Water is responsible for active substances, water-soluble and floral essences; it is carefully collected and is the hydrosol or floral water.

We understand better why it is so importantd'utiliser distilled essential oils to pure water vapor, free of chemicals. One can not speak of floral water citrus fruits because these are distilled; essential oil is obtained from citrus fruit by a mechanical process called expression.

What use is made of floral water?

- Floral water is fragrant, it is a wonderful
- Product, gentle, without toxicity, which can make his cologne or makeup remover.
- can also be used to flavor floral water bath for young children and babies.
- It contains active substances.

Several floral waters are cleansing, astringent, they are used to clean the skin.

Can broadcast floral water in an electric diffuser?

Yes but only if making sure that there are no traces of oil in the nebulizer. We will not get the therapeutic effects of the essential oil but a light pleasant aroma.

 Floral Water and Hydrolats - Hydrolathérapie - 
Hydrolat de Myrte Vert BIO (Corse)
Brand : listincu
Ref. : hydmyrt200 
10.50 €
Hydrolat Immortelle de Corse BIO
Brand : vitalba
Ref. : hydimmor200 
10.50 €
Hydrolat Pistachier Lentisque BIO
Brand : listincu
Ref. : hydpista200 
10.50 €
Hydrolat Romarin à Verbénone (Corse) BIO
Brand : vitalba
Ref. : hydroma200mp 
10.50 €
10.50 €
Criste Marine Hydrolat Bio - Corsica -
Brand : vitalba
Ref. : HydCriste200MP 
10.50 €
Immortelle floral water Bio by Intimù made in Corsica France
Brand : INTIMU
Ref. : Intiacquamurza100ml 
12.00 €
Immortelle water Bio Scents of Corsica
Brand : Senteurs de CORSE
Ref. : SdeCeauimmort100ml 
12.90 €
Eau de Rose BIO
Brand : vitalba
Ref. : HYDROSE200 
13.50 €
Youth Water Immortal, myrtle and lentisque pistachier
Brand : Mardys Garden Corsica
Ref. : EaujouvenceMy 
13.90 €
Floral water Bio Immortelle, helicryse
Brand : Mardys Garden Corsica
Ref. : Mdyshydimmortelle 
13.90 €
Lemon verbena, tonic water
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : Dininareauverveine 
18.00 €
Immortelle floral water, tonic and cleansing skin care
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : DininaeauImmortelle 
18.00 €
Hydrolat Organic Immortelle Corsica spray 100ml + 500ml refill
Brand : Senteurs de CORSE
Ref. : Sdclothydrolats 
28.80 €