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Organic phytotherapy

 Gemmotherapie bio 
Gemmotherapie bio

The Gemmotherapy is also called "buds of medicine"

The Wellness by buds

It is a branch of herbal medicine in full development.

The founder of the Gemmotherapy is a Belgian physician, Dr. Pol Henry (1918-1988) .Grand observer of nature, with the study of bud extracts effects, he developed a new therapeutic approach.

The gemmotherapy is the use of plant embryonic tissue growth, such as shoots, fresh buds, roots, prepared by maceration, which are of immense benefit particularly for chronic conditions.

Our BIO macerated buds are supplements herbal, used orally to provide nutritional or physiological benefits.

These extracts are prepared twentieth dry equivalent and are then diluted to one tenth and energized manually.

The usual dosage is 30 to 40 drops, 3 times a day for an adult, cure of 2 months in general.

 Gemmotherapy Bio