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Organic fig gemmotherapy

 Gemmotherapy fig tree 
Gemmotherapy fig tree

Fig tree buds - Ficus carica L.

The fig tree in Gemmotherapy is ideal for stress, depression and digestive disorders

The etymology of the word Ficus is the same Latin word for liver.
The liver means heaviness, gravity, wealth, power; it is "the treatment plant" blood both physically (elimination of toxins) and mental (accumulation of emotions).

Traditionally, the fig was used to clean the liver and spleen, for its emollient properties in some cough, but also in its soothing properties in gastric inflammation.

Its main indication is for inflammation of the digestive tract, heartburn, gastritis, colitis; the mucosal healing would be facilitated, as well as a work on the nervous system. It acts in depth on our endocrine system contributes to the regulation of many problems:

Stomach action: draining the stomach, it acts in bulimic tendencies and regulates appetite.

At nervous level, it has a remarkable calming effect, it is an anti-anxiety neutralizes the effects of stress and nervous disorders all. It is very effective in migraine of digestive and nervous origin.

Taken at bedtime, it helps to find easily a restful sleep and stimulates dream activity.

Taken in the morning, the fig tree bud soothes the burning pain of the digestive system and creates an inner calm, improved mood; it also exudes sadness.

white Armagnac (mention Demeter), agave syrup, spring water, buds

Titration : 28.5% Vol.


++++ Nervous System:
Anxiety, stress, depression, neuroses, OCD, obsessions, phobias, insomnia, spasms.

++++ Digestive system:
gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcers, heartburn, stomach cramps, gastric acidity, hiatal hernias, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, gastro-esophageal reflux.

Cardiovascular system ++:
anemia, atherosclerosis, heart palpitations, intra-cranial hematoma.

Musculoskeletal System +:
Rheumatoid adolescents. Inflammation of the digestive tract, hiatal hernias, heartburn stomach, gastritis, colitis, colitis, ulcers, anxiety, bulimia, headaches, sadness, phobias, some depressions.

2 or 3 doses of 20 to 50 drops each, during the day.
Optionally, a night at bedtime (20 to 50 drops).

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