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Le guide des hydrolats

 Guide to hydrosols, aromatherapy bis 
Guide to hydrosols, aromatherapy bis


The Hydrosol Guide - Aromatherapy bis - André Bitsas -

Known for a long time and after times of revival and total eclipses, hydrosol is finally starting to take its place in the long term.

Being the other product of steam distillation, it benefits from the popularity of essential oils by supplementing them or providing its own answers when those of essential oils might be too strong and / or unsuitable.

Without forgetting that the hydrosol has an original personality either very close to the essential oil, or vaguely similar and sometimes even very different.

The knowledge of the molecular complexity is therefore a prerequisite for a clear definition that allow the reader to then discover its patterns of use varied and its properties and indications as numerous unexpected.

Very practical guide where we discover the real way to use hydrosols on a daily basis ; the quality criteria, how to keep it; how to use it: for external use like lotion, misting, compress…; in cosmetics, an essential tool; internally as a gentle and very effective therapeutic means; in the kitchen to flavor dishes and desserts.

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