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Corsica Immortal Oil

 Corsica Immortal Oil 
Corsica Immortal Oil


Corsica Immortal Oil by MARDYS GARDEN - Beauty made in Corsica - Made in FRANCE -

This massage oil with regenerative and soothing properties is obtained by maceration and pressing immortal flowers of Corsica and enriched with organic essential oil (Helichrysum italicum).

Soon you will feel all the benefits of this unique characteristic fragrance oil.

Use :
- ready to use massage to the sensitive area as often as needed. Ingredients : Immortal Flowers Corsica Organic grape seed oil, essential oil of Helichrysum italicum Bio.

Properties :
the essential oil immortal + polyphenols and omega 6.

Not recommended: during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Container: 50ml or 100ml glass with spray

Despite the evidence and information from a reference book in aromatherapy (Baudoux Dr. Willem ...) and scientific publications (Flowers and fragrance, doctorates from the University of Corte ...) the information on this website should in no case constitute a medical information, or engage our responsibility. Always consult a physician before using essential oils for therapeutic purposes.

Brand : Mardys Garden Corsica
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