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Immortelle floral water tonic and cleansing

 Immortelle floral water, tonic and cleansing skin care 

Tonic and Cleansing Immortelle Floral Water

DI NINA, Corsica in the Skin


Daily care essential to calm sensitive and reactive skin.

Cleansing and cleansing treatment that smells of Corsican Immortelle.

It is a soft aromatic water, for a cleansed and soothed skin ready to receive the daily care.

Ideal for skin with a tendency to rosacea, diffuse redness, acne.

Soothing and refreshing after the beach.

Spray on the face and décolleté, without wiping.


  • 100% floral water from the steam distillation of Corsican immortal flowers.
  • Its content of wild immortelle extract (Corsica helichrysum) is naturally dosed.



The tonic and cleansing floral water is a daily cleansing care composed of 100% hydrosol of Corsican wild immortelle flower, Helichrysum italicum.
Very effective as a tonic lotion for cleaning the skin, it is extremely soft and soothing, especially for dry and sensitive skin.

The floral water of immortelle or hydrosol of Italian Corsican helichrysum (in Latin helichrysum italicum) is recognized for:

  • Act on the micro-circulation, it reduces redness, dark circles and bags under the eyes .
  • Soothe discomfort of the skin, it relieves itching.
  • Revitalize and tone the tissues.

Its action is highly appreciated in subjects with sensitive and reactive skin.

Use it well : Use as a mist or apply on a cotton pad, then go over the entire face to finish removing makeup and preparing the skin for its daily moisturizing treatment with Corsican immortelle.

Your skin is soft and soothed.


Diffuse redness, rosacea and hypersensitivity to hot-cold…. a tonic water spray of immortelle flower immediately soothes the skin and helps to restore balance.

Well-being and aromatherapy:

Immortelle flower water is widely used in aromatherapy by professionals for:

  • Soothe the "bruises" of the soul linked to shocks, suffering at the start of life and lack of tenderness.
  • Help get out of a difficult situation, go ahead and adapt .
  • Overcome memories of difficult childhood .
  • Dissolve some blockages .
  • Overcome sentimental coldness .
  • Reactivate the energy circulation .

100% floral water:
This floral water comes from the steam distillation of wild immortelle flowers. The harvest is manual and the immortelle is left in its natural environment.
Spring harvest, manual and in a protected environment.

100ml spray

Warning !
The properties and indications are taken from reference books or websites in aromatherapy and hydrolatherapy. These indications are given for information purposes and can in no way replace a medical opinion or engage our responsibility. For any use of essential oils and hydrosols for therapeutic purposes consult a doctor.

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