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Rosée du Maquis Corse BIO

 Face and Body lotion, refreshing and moisturizing Bottle 100ml 
Face and Body lotion, refreshing and moisturizing Bottle 100ml

Rosée du Maquis - Face and Body Lotion - Made in Corsica -

Spritzed on light and fragile pearly drops cover and delight your face or body.
At once, the "Hesperidée touch" surrounds you, follow by a more floral sensation, then a heart of greenness and anised.


The first flavor fades away. The honeyed and warm fragrance of the "maquis" reveals the natural treasure of Corsica and make you feel intense sensations.

Wrapped up by myriad of aromatic molecules : with highly concentrating nutrition, your skin fully benefit the vitalizing and moisturizing virtue of such refreshing.

ORGANIC HYDROLATS are pure natural floral waters produced by steam distillation stimulant for the skin with a real therapeutic effect rectifying skin deficiencies.
La Rosée du Maquis is a cocktail of Corsican hydrolats which concentrates the fragrances and the active constituents extracted from the plants of the maquis. Corsican Everlasting Organic Hydrolat: astringent and smoothing
  •  Corsican Rock rose Organic Hydrolat : cicatrisant, stimulating
  •  Corsican Lemon Verbena Organic Hydrolat : smoothing, revitalizing, refreshing.
  •  Blossom orange Flower Organic Hydrolat : soothing, cooling, and smoothing the skin

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