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Argan oil is rich in tocopherols, hence its good resistance to oxidation and good vitamin E activity . Its composition is well balanced in fatty acids. It contains about 0.8% unsaponifiables.

Has always been used by Berber women, argan oil accompanies women in their daily care of well-being.

method of production : vegetable oil obtained from the first cold pressing of oil kernels of the argan tree.

origin Morocco

agricultural products from organic farming

certified by ECOCERT FRANCE SAS (FR-BIO-01)

Argan, feminine gesture : Traditionally, the argan is women's business . They dépulpent, crush,
windmilling, mix singing and reciting the ritual formulas. The slow process of Argan, difficult, demanding strength, perseverance and patience is the preserve of women. Various proverbs come in Moroccan culture:
"Argan is a feminine gesture as the machine, such as cooking, such as henna, like carrying her baby on her back .." or:
"Behind an argan tree, there always a woman, or a goat. But the way they work is different. The goat swallows the fruit, spit the nucleus for the woman who crushes it to extract the oil. "

Localized external use, apply a few drops massaged into the area still slightly damp, and gently massaged by penetrating.

Conservation: keep argan oil in its tightly closed, away from heat, air and light.

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