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Scented candle Maquis Corsica

 Scented Candle Cireducouvent Maquis Corsica 
Scented Candle Cireducouvent Maquis Corsica

Scented Candle from Maquis of Corsica - Ciredecouvent -

From the highest window of the convent of San Francescu du Nebbio in Corsica, a nun in love stayed awake late into the night by the golden light of a candle, the flame of which was known throughout the region for its brilliant purity.
Years later, fragments of love letters addressed to a young officer, and delicately scented with tears from this unique wax were found.
One can only imagine.....
This is the recipe for the ancient wax from which ciredecouvent is composed today.
The violet, jasmine and mandarin tones of this perfumed candle will purify the atmosphere of your home and captivate all of your senses.
Balmy scent in the Corsican wind !....

Scented candle 180g

Brand : decouvent
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