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Beauty Mask for face with honey

 Corsican Honey Moisturizing & Purifying Beauty Mask 
Corsican Honey Moisturizing & Purifying Beauty Mask

Purifying mask with Corsican Honey

The mask with purifying honey made in Corsica is ideal for dehydrated skin, cleanses, balances your skin and moisturizes the skin gently.

Enriched Honey AOC etAOP of Corsica.

The natural sugar Corsica honey helps to trace the water molecules on the surface of the skin and thus fills the emerging wrinkles. It cleans, cleans and absorbs impurities, revealing a bright and natural skin tone. The imperfections disappear.

cosmetic effects:

- The purifying mask removes all toxins, it nourishes the skin by restoring elasticity and suppleness.

Honey from Corsica, one of the only French honeys to benefit from the AOC (AOC) and PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), has moisturizing and healing prodigious.

Its unique components effectively acting on the water molecules of the epidermis, thus giving it its elasticity and natural beauty. With a protected environment and unsurpassed botanical wealth, Corsica honey is full of vitamins A, B2, B3, B5, B8 and C giving a healing and nourishing power.

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