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Age-fighting regenerating night cream

 Age-fighting regenerating night cream with Corsican Everlasting flowers 
Age-fighting regenerating night cream with Corsican Everlasting flowers


- Anti-aging cream - Immortal Corsica - 30ml -

Réagénère is a cream Regenerating Night 100% Natural and Pure, manufactured by Muriel Crestey in Corsica on the Costa Verde from natural assets Olive, St. John's Wort and Immort she Corsica that regenerate and protect sensitive skin or prone to rosacea.

Little Tips Muriel:

Regenerating Night Cream
Mature skin - Application night

As REAPROTECT, faces mixed skin (with the famous T-zone) to dry skin in search of anti-aging find their happiness. Very dry prefer faces REANUTRI, serum night.

To what action?
Regenerate! Your skin is first intensely nourished with fresh olive my production. And St. John's wort and immortal (Corsica) micro soothe irritation related to friction and contact with air. The immortal accelerates the microcirculation by narrowing the small vessels. It helps to reduce the visibility of rosacea and helps reduce puffiness under the eyes. In the application you feel an immediate comfort, skin seems to relax. The next morning, your face is soft and supple as if you had put the cream.

How to use it ?
Clean your face gently (GENTLE CLEANSING CREAM) and apply pressure REAGENERE ½.
This micro emulsion (very fine white cream) penetrates quickly, leaving no greasy feeling and does not close the pores of the skin as it contains no wax.
So your skin breathes and eliminates what has to be.
This is an evening specialist, it should not be used the day as St. John's wort may be sensitizing picture.
Its concentration allows you to use very little.
One vial lasts between 2 ½ months and 3 months.

What is its scent?
Realia Corsican natural cosmetics product. So it smells of nature and Corsica!
REAGENERE is totally atypical. Its aroma comes from the immortal gathered in Corsica in the open bush. It exhales the summer scrub. She feels the hay being dried in the sun and also a spicy curry. You probably have never felt such a flavor. It is an experience that one learns with time. Many of my clients were first surprised by her perfume, then to the pleasant effect on the skin, have continued to use it, then this appointment in the evening has become a must, an appointment with the holidays for relaxation before sleep. The immortal tamed. If you prefer sweet flavors in the application, choose the sensitive face range.

Apply after a gentle facial cleansing,
1/2 Reagénère pressure on the entire face.

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