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Anti Fatigue Concealer Eye Contour

 Eye Contour Girolata Anti-Fatigue Concealer 
Eye Contour Girolata Anti-Fatigue Concealer

GOROLATA SERUM EYE CONTOUR - Beauty made in corsica by SOLYVIA

Anti-Fatigue eye / concealer / puffiness: draining, decongestant and anti-inflammatory.

Girolata is specifically formulated for the sensitive area around the eyes, this gel "Ice effect" works effectively on the wrinkles or dark circles thanks to our exclusive complex HMC3 combined with the Myoxinol and two other ingredients draining, decongestants and anti-inflammatory, butcher's broom and Brown of India. This roll - it resolves feelings of fatigue, relaxes the features and visibly reduces wrinkles and puffiness.

Brand : solyvia
Price :    18.60 € VAT Incl.
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