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Oil Elixir Anti-Age Scandola Restorative, Anti-Wrinkle

 Oil Elixir Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Scandola and restorative 
Oil Elixir Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Scandola and restorative

SCANDOLA by SOLYVIA - Beauty made in CORSICA -

Oil elixir Anti-age / anti-wrinkle / restorative to the immortal of Corsica.  (15 ml) Roll-on -

Scandola is an oil of anti-aging ultra concentrate that helps clear the accumulation of visible signs of alteration of the skin and acts in a comprehensive manner on the signs of age.

The exclusive complex Native Essence, resulting of the Samphire, regulates and restores skin homeostasis in order to protect your skin against daily aggressions.

Supplemented by our complex anti-aging and anti-oxidant:
- HMC3, it will stop and repair the damage caused by time and thus allow a visible reduction of wrinkles but also different rashes, spots of old age or rosacea.

Apply Scandola morning and evening to face previously cleaned all avoiding the eye contour. It can be used alone as a day care at night, or in addition to your usual care.

"Culled the ideas in the book of the ancient masters": just like that old adage Chinese, we inspired by practices and the different preparations of our ancestors that drew upon in endemic plants and essential oils Corsicans, the ingredients needed to treat our skin of any sort of daily headaches...

HMC3® contained in Scandola is a complex anti-aging, anti oxidant and regenerating exceptional cell:
H for Helycrysum italicum (Corsica immortal): known for its healing properties, de-Sclerosing, anti-aging and regenerative, it allows to improve blood circulation and to strongly increase the production of collagen.
M to Myrtle (Myrtus Communis): stimulation of the epidermis, astringent and tonic natural recommended for tired and devitalised skins.
C Wild carrot (Daucus Carota): regenerating natural cell renewal and growth of the skin cells.  It also has potent anti-inflammatory properties.
C to rockrose (Cistus ladaniferus) Ladanifere: very active anti-wrinkle effect smoothing, astringent and healing...
C for Criste Marine (Crithmum Maritimum): anti-free radicals firming and regenerating.


Brand : solyvia
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