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Hair Care Products by Casa Vecchia

 Best Hair Care Pruducts Made in Corsica 
Best Hair Care Pruducts Made in Corsica

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 Hair Care Made in Corsica 
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Brand : Arnaghju di u picciu
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7.90 € VAT Incl.
Solid shampoo made in Corsica by Figarella
Brand : Figarella
Ref. : Figshampsolide 
Ici la description du produit ...
9.50 € VAT Incl.
Solid shampoo for dry hair "Plage"
Brand : Dumani
Ref. : Dumanishpsecs 
Are you looking for a solid shampoo to restore the balance of dry hair? The "Plage" shampoo from the Dumani laboratory is found! It is guaranteed: ...
9.90 € VAT Incl.
Solid shampoo for normal hair "Mer"
Brand : Dumani
Ref. : Dumanishpnormaux 
  SOLID SHAMPOO FOR NORMAL HAIR - Mer - DUMANI Laboratory - Cargèse Corsica Are you looking for a strong shampoo to maintain the bala ...
9.90 € VAT Incl.
Shea butter bio and deodorize
Brand : Essences Naturelles CORSICA
Ref. : ENCbeurrekarite 
Ici la description du produit ...
9.90 € VAT Incl.
Solid shampoo for oily hair "Maquis"
Brand : Dumani
Ref. : DumanishpMaquis 
  SOLID SHAMPOO FOR OILY HAIR - MAQUIS - Dumani Laboratory - Cargèse Corsica - France - Are you looking for a solid shampoo to mai ...
9.90 € VAT Incl.
Brand : Essences Naturelles CORSICA
Ref. : HVCOCO100ml 
COCONUT OIL 100% Pure and Natural The Coconut  Oil is also known as Butter Coco "Coco nucifera". Coconut oil is the new star in cosmetics, renowned ...
10.50 € VAT Incl.
Solid shampoo made in Corsica by NEBBIU
Brand : Savonnerie du Nebbiu
Ref. : NebbiuShamp 
  Nebbiù Soap Solid Shampoo This small, hand-held shampoo is a powerful ally for your hair and scalp. It is suitable for all skin and h ...
12.00 € VAT Incl.
Spirulina shampoo made in Corsica
Brand : cap altagna
Ref. : Shpcapuspiruline 
Shampoo with Spirulina Extra mild shampoo  This extra mild shampoo is a treasure complete of energy, it cares for both your hair and scalp. ...
16.80 € VAT Incl.
Restorative Hair Oil - Intimù - Corsica
Brand : INTIMU
Ref. : Intimuigoureusechvx 
Vigoureuse, restorative hair oil Like all women, you dream of strong, supple and shiny hair, whether short or long. Healthy hair! VIGOUREUSE  ...
17.50 € VAT Incl.
Shampoo solid spirulina
Brand : cap altagna
Ref. : Capushpsolide 
  Shampoo roller spirulina, made in Corsica, France. Spirulina: Spirulina is a bacterial freshwater microalgae the oldest in the world, ex ...
17.85 € VAT Incl.
Hair Care massage Oil by Vitalba - Corsica -
Brand : vitalba
Ref. : mpHMCheveux50ml 
This massage Oil is made in Corsica by VITALBA, in South of Corsica, Sartène, for Hair Care and Beauty made in Corsica Organic Massage Oil with argan ...
18.00 € VAT Incl.
  DRY OIL BODY & HAIR MARDY'S GARDEN CORSICA This multipurpose dry oil (body, face, hair) of natural origin rich in organic essential oil. You resen ...
21.80 € VAT Incl.
Monoï Corsican BIO
Brand : Donnaè
Ref. : Monoï Corse 
An exuberance of nature bringing to a marriage outside limit...the end of the earth.A marriage one doesn't expect which appears just as on evidence.A ...
22.00 € VAT Incl.
Dry Oil Glitter Immortal - Ylang Ylang - A Muredda - Made in CORSICA
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : Amureddahuilepailletée 
DRY OIL GLITTERY Domaine AMURREDA - Made in Corsica - FACE - BODY - HAIR - 50ml IMMORTAL of Corsica and Ylang Ylang   This sequined dry oil ...
27.00 € VAT Incl.
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27.95 € VAT Incl.
Scentseas Reparing Conditioner - Beauty Made in Corsia - Hair Care - Provides moisture to dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft, manageable and ready ...
30.00 € VAT Incl.
Brand : scentseas
Ref. : Sctcoldcream 
CERAT IMMORTAL BIO COLD CREAM face, body and hair Immortelle Bio made in Corsica France   Compound of healthy ingredients, bio, formulation 100% n ...
59.00 € VAT Incl.