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Serum Skin imperfections

 Confidente - Serum face care, Skins with imperfections - 
Confidente - Serum face care, Skins with imperfections -

CONFIDENTE - Serum night and day INTIMU -


Evince totally your day cream !

Ultra-concentrated in powerful natural assets, repairs, moisturizes and protects your skin imperfections adult.

Helen's advice:

Your complexion does not clear , it is blurred by redness or blackheads .
You suffer from mild to severe acne when your teen starts to date.
So you have a blemished skin.

Thus, the pores need to be purified , your damaged skin needs to be hydrated , and its production of sebum regulated.

No more choosing between prevention and early wrinkles decrease imperfections : Rich in restorative plant oils and nourishing nevertheless like grape seed oil, carrot or Calophylle, confidante is the must of damaged adult skins . Its action on the reduction of old and new acne scars is reinforced through our Corsican immortal essential oil. It thus avoids the emerging buttons to proliferate. Serum texture penetrates easily without sticking or make your skin glow . This serum blemished skin is formulated to completely replace your day cream.

It is particularly suitable for people under treatment likely to dry out their skin.

50 ml vial

Brand : INTIMU
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