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Skin Care oils and solar Macerations Bio

 Skin care oils and macerations Organic 100% pure and natural 
Solar maceration prepared on the field Vitalba, Valley Ortolo in Sartène, South Corsica, made in FRANCE.
come from plants chosen with care at optimum harvesting.
If it comes to flowers, they are picked and placed in the jar and immediately in vegetable oil.
The flowers are broken or crushed so that their energy is "full".

When the jar is completely full, we expose in the sun for the jar is illuminated on all sides during the day.
For communication with the forces of the earth is still present, the jar is placed on the floor.
The exhibition runs normally 3 weeks at the end of the exhibition, we separate the plant and oil pressing firmly to completely extract the plant's active ingredients.

What will happen during solarization?

The sun's rays that emit energy and heat are captured by vegetable oil and will be coordinated with the vibrations of the plant.
The plant has in itself its own vibration and oil captures the vibration of the plant and charge double energy of the sun and that of the plant.
So solariser an oily maceration plant is providing the maceration all solar energy that can take and store.
It's a real dynamic that allows active ingredients of the plant to come to the heart of the vegetable oil and to register to achieve a synergy oil / plant performance in terms of its activity.


 Skin Care Oils and Organic Solar maceration 
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