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Tilleul gemmotherapy

 LINDEN Gemmotherapy 
LINDEN Gemmotherapy

We all know the flowers Linden - Tilia platyphyllos L. and bracts we eat at bedtime. Have you ever lying under a linden blossoms in June and felt the slight intoxication, this slight dizziness which detaches us from daily realities?

Buds Linden are much more powerful than the infusion of the flowers; is an anxiolytic for people who do not come to sleep, who tend to ruminate, to turn the events of the day in a sterile manner.

It is a great help for children who are difficult to sleep and tend to wake up at night; in students preparing exams, which is driven by anxiety and losing sleep.

Caught in the day, the extract of buds "Tilia" will be helpful in stressed individuals who fail to fulfill their work without getting upset ... Tilia helps to stay "zen" !!

It has draining properties in gallstones, excess uric acid and obesity.

Biodynamic (Alpes-maritimes)


Lot No. 30-10 / 1

spring water, white Armagnac mention Demeter, organic agave syrup, buds

Titration: 28.5% Vol.

Anxiety, anxiety ,, sleep disorders in adults and in children, withdrawal of sleeping pills, state of stress, tachycardia, gallstones, renal colic, cholesterol, obesity, colitis.

Evening: 10 to 30 drops at bedtime - for sensitive people 10 drops
in the morning: for a tranquilizing effect, 2 to 3 times a day 30 drops

Brand : vitalba
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