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Cassissier gemmotherapy Bio

 Cassissier Bio Gemmotherapy 
Cassissier Bio Gemmotherapy


- Ribes nigrum L. Extract ups - Buds -


It is best known extracts used gemmotherapy.
Blackcurrant is a plant used for its popular fruit in liqueurs and jams.
The leaves are known in the European traditional herbal medicine for their detoxifying and diuretic properties useful for people suffering from rheumatism.

The buds of Cassis, taken at the time of cleaning, have, for their part an astonishing power: they stimulate the production of cortisol, and are therefore very interesting in all inflammatory conditions.

The use of Ribes nigrum as a general tonic is well known, just as famous as its use in inflammatory and allergic conditions.

This extract is suitable for both people convalescents as those who are tired, tired, have many difficulties to take their work, their responsibilities, or are easily irritated and discouraged before the difficulties of everyday life.

It is likely that the therapeutic activity is not limited to the production of cortisol stimulation action, there could be an action on any pituitary-adrenal-gonadal axis. Ribes nigrum appears as a very versatile remedy, extremely powerful, often associated with other extracts gemmotherapy and suitable for any condition, in any individual.

Culture (Alpes-Maritimes)
Agriculture Bio-dynamic
certified by ECOCERT (FR-BIO-01)

Young shoots - Demeter mention white Armagnac - Organic agave syrup - spring water

Titration : 28.5% Vol.

rheumatism, osteoarthritis, bronchitis, tracheitis, nasopharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis, uric acid, gout, psoriasis, prostate inflammation, eczema, hives, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, rhinitis, emphysema, asthenia, convalescence post antibiotic therapy.

In two months of treatment, 30 drops 3 times a day. In case of serious crisis, inflammation or allergy, it can take up to 200 to 300 drops per day.

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