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Stella di Mare Ultra Nourishing Oil

 Stella di Mare ultra nutritious oil 
Stella di Mare ultra nutritious oil



Ultra Nourishing Oil Corsican Immortelle

Natural anti wrinkle, restorative, concealer, exceptional anti-tasks

- Penetration and not greasy
- Regenerating and exceptional wrinkle
- Powerful Healing and anti-tasks
- Recovery Microcirculation
- Soothes skin diseases and irritations
- combat rosacea and acne, balances
- Evens and brightens the complexion dull and tired skin

This oil whose formulation is valuable, remains one of the most comprehensive and complex range Scentseas.

It is suitable for young and mature skin, balances

* Borage Oil
* Rosehip (oil very valuable)
* Macadamia
* Kukui, hemp, wheat germ, olive
* Essential oils of ylang-ylang, jasmine, immortal
* alpha tocoperol, fragrance

bottle 50ml dropper - Established in 2008 by Scentseas

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