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Dumani laboratory

 Laboratory Dumani - Cargese - Corsica - France - 
Laboratory Dumani - Cargese - Corsica - France -

It is said by the designers that Dumani:

"The emperor Napoléon, would have paid dearly for it in his wallet three vials during campaigns! He already was among the plants which relieve his pain. With Balm Imperial, we have assembled the best of Corsican maquis to relieve you in your daily battles. "

Dumani The laboratory is located in the heart of the Corsican maquis, in Cargèse near the Imperial city, Ajaccio

He was born from the meeting of 4 persons:

  • Arnaud Gea : biologist and chemist, he also teaches aromatherapist and physiology as well as the therapeutic use of essential oils. He is preparing a book on the physiology of essential oils.
  • Carine Bidet : Osteopath installed in Cargèse, it brings its expertise in the musculoskeletal and visceral area balsams that we produce and ... his incredible energy!
  • Mary Pereira : Dentist in Cargèse, it guides the future development of the laboratory and puts his medical competence for the development of cosmetics laboratory.
  • Gregory Orchard-Dubois : Chairman of Verger-Dubois Group, it brings the experience of the medium of the cosmetic and expertise in flying a cosmetics laboratory.
  • Lately, our account manager Emmanuel Cron took over the distribution of products throughout the island.

The cosmetic range Dumani Laboratory, " Baume Imperial " meets their ethical produce in Corsica of 100% natural products of biological origin (97% minimum) and made in Corsica.

3 These balms are formulated with organic shea butter, organic and organic beeswax and olive oil.
They contain essential oils Corsicans and biological balance and that will bring beauty to your body.

Dumani wishes to develop a sustainable economic activity in rural areas and thus make known the beauty and attractions of Corsica.

 Baume Imperial Dumani Corsica care 
Baume Imperial - Artribaume - anti inflammatoire
Brand : Dumani
Ref. : artribaume 
11.90 €
Imperial Veinobaume Balm
Brand : Dumani
Ref. : Veinobaume 
11.90 €