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Corsica Mountain Bath by Realia

 Tonic bath oil from the CORSICA MOUNTAIN 
Tonic bath oil from the CORSICA MOUNTAIN

Tonic Bath Oil by REALIA 

Made in Corsica - France-

Nourishing and decongestant

- Treat yourself to a trip to the heart of the Corsican Mountain with its century-old Laricciu pines.
The hot enough water in the tub is already flowing.

Under the jet, you squeeze our bath oil between 2 and 5 times, a milky cloud disperses.
Immediately, the scent of the Corsican mountains fills your space.

Take advantage of this moment to relax.
The olive nourishes the skin of your body, you will come out of it very soft.

This bath oil is used in dilution in water. It is not a massage oil or a shower gel.

Rinsing the tub is very easy. Hot water spray will eventually dissolve it.

MOUNTAIN BATH is recommended for spas and whirlpools.
It leaves the systems clean.

Count 5 doses per 200 l of water
50ml glass spray bottle

Brand : REALIA
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