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 Tadé deodorant Alum water 
Tadé deodorant Alum water


Tadé Alum water is 100% mineral potassium alum


This spray bottle of potassium alum water regulates perspiration and neutralizes odors for 24 hours.

Can also be used for the feet, its spray, very easy to use for athletes and in sneakers.


  • aqua, * potassium alum *, benzyl alcohol.
  • * Natural origin / Natural origin.

Usage tips :

  • A simple spray limits the development of odors and lets the skin breathe naturally.
  • Clip the cap securely after each use to avoid crystallization of the opening.
  • Free of allergens and neutral, pure potassium alum is suitable for all skin types.

100ml spray bottle

Brand : Tadé
Price :    11.90 € VAT Incl.
Avail. : - 
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