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 domain AMUREDDA Corsica - France - 
domain AMUREDDA Corsica - France -



Domaine Amuredda is above all a couple passionate about his job!

To each his own universe:

Marina is aromatherapy and cosmetics manufacturing in his laboratory,

Stephan is the production of plants, the cultivation of 13 different herbs and low pressure distillation.

Located in Corsica , in the heart of the Fiumorbo region, on the eastern plain, they put culture in their various small organic herb farm and distill using traditional methods to obtain quality essential oils .

They are intended to distill their own production of aromatic plants.

 Domaine AMUREDDA 
Soap surgras with Immortelle Corsica
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : SAmureddasavimmort 
7.80 €
Goat Milk Soap surgras Amuredda Corsica
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : AMsavonchèvrenat 
7.90 €
Immortal eye wrinkle cream and hyaluronic acid
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : yeuxamuredda 
23.80 €
Dry Oil Glitter Immortal - Ylang Ylang - A Muredda - Made in CORSICA
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : Amureddahuilepailletée 
26.00 €
Body Milk Immortelle and Rose made in Corsica, France
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : Amureddalaitcorps 
28.00 €
Serum Immortelle A murreda
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : Amurredaserum 
28.00 €
immortal face cream anti-wrinkle and hyaluronic acid
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : Amurredacrèmevisage 
28.90 €