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Scented Candle Eclat d'Immortelle Corsica

 Scented candle éclat d'Immortelle 
Scented candle éclat d'Immortelle
Scented candle Eclat d'Immortelle

Scents of Corsica - made in France -


Candle Glow Everlasting:

Powerful aromatic notes of lavandin, mugwort and eucalyptus are associated with a touch of citrus.

An explosion of aromas of the maquis, myrtle, cistus, articulated around an immortal essence, enhanced with six spices.

The racy scent of the maquis are based on woody oriental notes that make a round and smooth facet. exotic woods and white musk shall close this ode to the Corsican maquis.


· Head: Aromatic, Hespéride.

· Heart: Fleurie Aromatic.

· Background: Woody, Oriental.


Weight (wax): 150g.

broadcast 25h.

Brand : Fleurs de Maquis
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