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Serum night & day oily skin

 Serum oily skin Dompteuse Intimù 

Dompteuse serum oily skin by INTIMÚ

Beauty Made in Maquis - Corsica - France -


This serum completely crowds out your day cream!

Hydrate your skin oily and regulates sebum production for a refined skin texture and a matte finish.



Intimu winner mark of the Slow - cosmetic.

Your skin has a shiny appearance, it shines. It is rather thick . Its pores are rather dilated . Some black spots are located on the central axis of the face (forehead, nose, chin).

Your skin is greasy or oily .  

Above all, do not make the mistake of drying out your skin! It needs to be nourished and protected like all skin types. The oils are sending a strong signal : Whatever your skin is nourished. This is how, by sending this message to your brain , that 's your sebum production decreases and it regulates. Within a few weeks of use, excess oil will be just a bad memory for you.

Tamer is a daily care consists of lightweight and suitable vegetable oils . Their so-called dry texture associated with the antibacterial action of essential oils penetrates very good about yourself . This serum is formulated for oily skin completely replace your day cream.

Also suitable for young skin with imperfections.

What Dompteuse for you:
  • Nourishes the epidermis
  • Prevents growth of bacteria, the source of pimples and blackheads
  • Regulates sebum production
  • Refines skin texture
  • Help your skin to fulfill its protection role
  • Replaces your creams
  • Do not stick, does not shine

At least 20 weeks of use for 1 daily application!

Recommended use for optimal effectiveness of your serum:

In the morning, a toned skin still slightly damp, Take 2-4 pressures you heat between your palms (Yes, by the fingers). Then apply your serum by gently placing your hands on either side of your nose, forehead and chin. Then smooth outward fingertips. Do not forget the neck and avoid the eye area.

Beauty tip Intimu

Generously spray your floral water on face (acqua di ...) and without waiting for the water dries , apply your serum as described above. You create one minute emulsion and thus a true moment of sweetness and fun!


Brand : INTIMU
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