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Shampoo solid spirulina

 Shampoo solid spirulina 
Shampoo solid spirulina


Shampoo roller spirulina, made in Corsica, France.


Spirulina is a bacterial freshwater microalgae the oldest in the world, existing for over 3 billion years. This is an exceptional source of essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements essential to our health. In addition, it is rich in phycocyanin (blue-green pigment that is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifying) in chlorophyll (healing and detoxifying) in carotenoids (including beta-carotene) in iron and many vitamins (A, group B including vitamin B12, E, K, etc.).

It is recommended for problem skin, prone to drought, itching.

Spirulina we use in our products is cultivated peasant way for optimum preservation of its properties.


  • This solid shampoo (Pebble Spirulina) is rich in nutrients including essential amino acids, which gives it revitalizing properties, restorative and nutritious.
  • Your hair will be easier to style, will be wrapped and brilliant.
  • With its powerful active ingredients, this roller is ideal for white hair, highlighted or colored because Spirulina neutralizes yellow.
  • It is used for the whole family for frequent use, to benefit from its many virtues and reduces frequency of shampoos for hair oily. Ideal for fine hair and beard.
  • This solid little shampoo is also used for the body.
  • It is guaranteed without dye, silicone and paraben.

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