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Immortelle water Bio made in Corsica France

 Immortelle water Bio Scents of Corsica 
Immortelle water Bio Scents of Corsica


Water Organic Immortelle by Scents of Corsica

Helichrysum italicum, Corsican origin

Cultivated in Calenzana in Balagne - Upper Corsica -

Made in France


This floral water or hydrolat of Corsica immortal, soothes, tones and rejuvenates your skin. She is


  • Activator skin circulation, it reduces vessel dilation and reduces redness and dark circles.
  • Anti-inflammatory skin, it soothes irritation and redness of the skin.
  • Healing, it promotes cell regeneration.
  • Astringent, it tones and firms the tissues.
  • After Sun, soothes, refreshes the face and body.

Usage tips :

  • Recommended for skin prone to redness (rosacea, acne).
  • Spray in the morning and / or evening on clean skin, cleansed.
  • Allow to penetrate, do not wipe away to enjoy the benefits of this floral water.
Also Good for congested skin, dark circles, irritations of everyday life (razor burn, eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies ...), as well as acne scars.

100ml spray bottle

Brand : Senteurs de CORSE
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