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Di Nina




At the origin of the DI NINA brand, two sisters who grew up in the midst of the scents and flowers of immortals, naturally present in the Corsican maquis.

A childhood where they immersed themselves in nature, the authenticity of the maquis and their father's workshop.

Their professional paths take them, for one, an esthetician to work with major cosmetic brands and, for the other, a biologist, in the world of pharmaceutical molecules.

In 2014, strong from their respective experiences, the desire to share their common passion for this Corsican nature led them to concretize a long-standing project.

It is in this spirit, that Sandrina or rather Nina, rigorously develops and develops, in her laboratory in Trinidad of Porto Vecchio, the first DIVINE CARE advocating authenticity, the quality of 100% natural plant extracts and respect for fragile nature.

It is then in his sister's institute that the tests follow one another, the feedback is excellent and demand surges.

The first DI NINA cosmetics were born.

Fresh and elegant, DI NINA cosmetics transport you to the heart of Corsica.

DI NINA, Corsican in the skin sums up this fresh, elegant, passionate cosmetic on a human scale.

Ici le nom du produit
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : Dininasticklevres 
8.00 €
Lemon verbena, tonic water
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : Dininareauverveine 
18.00 €
Immortelle floral water, tonic and cleansing skin care
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : DininaeauImmortelle 
18.00 €
Ici le nom du produit
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : Dininapackdecouverte 
18.50 €
Tonic and Firm Body Treatment Satin
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : DININAsoincorps 
29.00 €
Face care with Rosemary Freshness from the Maquis
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : DININAfraichmaquis 
35.00 €
Divina floral face care
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : Dininacrèmeflorale 
35.00 €
Serum divin face care Immortelle Corsica
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : Dininaserum 
53.00 €
DI NINA Divine Face Treatment Set
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : DininacoffretSérum 
88.00 €