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Monoï Bio with immortelle de Corse

 Monoï Corsican BIO 
Monoï Corsican BIO

An exuberance of nature bringing to a marriage outside limit...the end of the earth.
A marriage one doesn't expect which appears just as on evidence.
A marriage of lands...a marriage of love.
The gardenia flower, soft, sweet, virginal and still fragile in the arm of the wild, strengh and inextricable 'maquis'.
A real vertigo, between snowy white and deep green.
A 'Monoï de Tahiti' with Mediterranean scents even more exalted by a delicate blend of very unique and precious essences.


Monoï de Tahiti, initial name :
 * Nourishes, soften and cool the skin - long lasting skin hydratation - Brings to your skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness.

Sesame organic oil :
 * Natural sun screen

Corsican Everlasting Organic Essential Oil :
 * Cicatrisant and firming

Corsican Rock rose Organic Essential Oil :
 * Revitalizing and boosting effect for tired dry skin showing a lack of elasticity.


After sun body healing
Helps rectify skin deficiencies
No phototoxic potential
*favors hydration of upper epidermal layers

Appropriate treatment for sun addicts during and after sunbathing exposure; preserve vital moisture.

An exquisite product for summer time, remaining as efficient during winter coldness (to fluidify, place the bottle near heat source)

50 ml 

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