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Superfood Organic Spirulina

 Spirulina Superfood Bio 
Spirulina Superfood Bio


Your daily asset

Ideal food supplement for athletes and vegetarians

In its spirulina range, Atelier Altagna offers its tablets for food use.

Spirulina is a bacterial freshwater microalgae naturally rich in proteins, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and green pigments.

It is full of exceptional nutritional qualities making this the most complete and nutritious natural food beneficial for our well-being.

With its high protein (60%) and mineral content, spirulina is recommended for vegetarians and people with deficiencies.

This source of energy improves your endurance and promotes recovery.

In addition, spirulina comes from an innovative and ecological culture, controlled by a certified laboratory.

This super food acts at all levels of our body.

The many benefits of Spirulina:

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Improves physical fitness
  • Anti-oxidant, detoxifying.


  • Start your treatment with 2 tablets per day then continue with 4 tablets, according to your needs.
  • Take the tablets in a single dose with a large glass of water, preferably in the morning, away from caffeine and theine.


  • Consume your tablets with orange juice to increase the action of spirulina.
  • Do not take it before sleeping.
  • To avoid during pregnancy.

Not recommended for people with high iron levels suffering from gout.

Sachet of tablets 100gr

Nutritional elements for 10gr of Spirulina:

Protein - 68%

Carbohydrates - 16%

Minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium - 7%

Lipids of which essential fatty acids - 6%

Fiber - 2%

Vitamins including A, B1, 2, 12, D, E.


Pure Peasant Spirulina - Cultivated in France.

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