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Hydrolat Immortelle de Corse BIO

Brand : vitalba
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Therapeutic properties:
skin anti-inflammatory, mucolytic, anti-hematoma, blood purifier, lymphatic and circulatory enhancer.

To care after surgery , hydrolate Immortelle of Corsica, is sprayed on the face or any other part of the body several times a day.
* In cosmetic use , the Everlasting hydrosol is recommended for all skin prone to redness; rosacea, acne or sun shots (with scars).
It gently cleanses and calms irritation.
* For bruises , gently rubbing it helps to soothe bruises and bruises.
* Internal use:
- it can help treatallergies and various skin diseases such as psoriasis .
- it is also used for liver disorders of the gallbladder or pancreas but also in the case of circulatory problems, phlebitis or internal bruising.

  • Soin Visage lotions et hydrolats, crème hydratante
  • Hydrolats eaux florales
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