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Lavendula Stoechas - Corsica lavender- Essential Oil Organic

 Lavender Stoechas - Corsican Organic Essential Oil - 
Lavender Stoechas - Corsican Organic Essential Oil -

 Lavandula Stoechas growing in Corsica - Corsican Lavenders -

Corsican Lavenders or Lavandula stoechas are hardy to zones 8-10 and have beautiful flower blossoms. These Lavenders have unusual blooms which are tufted and pineapple shaped in appearance with dark purple flower bracts accompanied by dark green leaves. 
Another name for Spanish Lavender is Corsican Lavender or French lavender or Italian Lavender because you can find this lavandula growing wild along the French countryside and also parts of Spain and Italy. You know Lavandula stoechas has to be good when everyone lays claim to it. 

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