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Legend Beauty and Care Oil with Immortal of Corsica

 Légende d'Immortelle Oil by Scentseas 
Légende d'Immortelle Oil by Scentseas

LEGEND Oil Care with Immortelle of Corsica by SCENTSEAS

Immortal Grand Format


- Soothes and repairs the most sensitive skin, absorbs UV rays

- Very effective to reduce skin marks such as redness, acne and rosacea.

- Anti-aging, non-greasy

- Nourishing, firming and regenerating.

- Anti-inflammatory, it relieves tired joints and is a circulatory tonic.

Usage tips :

- Butter the Immortal Legend can be used at any time of the day and evening repairing care, massage or cleansing.

- Very penetrating, you will apply on the face as on the body and on the hair and scalp.

150ml spray bottle

Brand : scentseas
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