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Lips Care

Lip balm

Casa Vecchia offers a selection of lip balms 100% natural and organic, made in Corsica.

care dedicated to lips and lip contour, ultra nourishing, soothing, protective, restorative and anti-aging for all skin types.

Better nourished and protected , your lips regain their softness and natural beauty, and illuminate your face.

 Lips care balm made in Corsica Organic, pure & natural 
Ici le nom du produit
Brand : Arnaghju di u picciu
Ref. : ARNAlèvres 
6.50 €
Ici le nom du produit
Brand : Domaine Amuredda
Ref. : Amureddalèvres 
8.00 €
Ici le nom du produit
Brand : DI NINA
Ref. : Dininasticklevres 
8.00 €
Scentseas pure & natural beauty Lip Balm
Brand : scentseas
Ref. : SCTlèvres 
12.50 €
Organic Lip Balm made in Corsica by ECCE DONNA
Brand : Donnaè
Ref. : donnalevres 
16.50 €