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Lip Care, Isula Rossa, repairman and anti-aging

 Isula Rossa: Repairing Lip Care and Anti-Aging 
Isula Rossa: Repairing Lip Care and Anti-Aging

ISULA ROSSA - Lip Care by SOLYVIA - Beauty made in Corsica -

Soothing lip, repairman and anti-aging.

Isula Rossa balm is nourishing, soothing, repairman and anti-aging. its texture and its unique taste to the white beeswax, wax, candelila and the exclusive anti-aging complex HMC3 the immortal of Corsica repair, redensifies, softens and moisturizes dry and chapped lips. This treatment smoothes fine lines and wrinkles of the contour of the lips.

HMC3® contained in Scandola is a complex anti-aging, anti oxidant and regenerating exceptional cell:
- H for Helycrysum italicum (Corsica immortal): known for its healing properties, de-Sclerosing, anti-aging and regenerative, it allows to improve blood circulation and to strongly increase the production of collagen.
- M to Myrtle (Myrtus Communis): stimulation of the epidermis, astringent and tonic natural recommended for tired and devitalised skins.
- C Wild carrot (Daucus Carota): regenerating natural cell renewal and growth of the skin cells.  It also has potent anti-inflammatory properties.
- C to rockrose (Cistus ladaniferus) Ladanifere: very active anti-wrinkle effect smoothing, astringent and healing...
- C for Criste Marine (Crithmum Maritimum): anti-free radicals firming and regenerating.

Brand : solyvia
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